Mojo Executive

MOJO Executive

MOJO  Executive – «L» type management desk. Wireless Qi charger, USB hub, Built-in Bluetooth speakers, induction beverage warmer. The desk is made ofplywood and covered with natural veneer. Made by request

Space and Premium

USB hub

USB Hub is located on the right side of the edge and consists of two USB 2.0 ports and one USB charging-only port. The desk is connected to the laptop/computer underneath the table(next to the power supply wire)

Wireless Qi charger

Simply place your Qi- supporting smartphone on a designated spot and charging process will start automatically. For Apple devises, you will need to use a Qi wireless charging adapter receiver case. Lucky owners of iphone 8, 8 plus and iphone X don’t need any additional equipment.

Wireless Charge

Bluetooth speakers

Powerful 20W water resistant speakers with Bluetooth connection are finished with stainless steel screens and aluminum rings. Clear sound and pleasant vibes

Inbuilt Speakers

Induction Beverage warmer

With your desk, you will receive a special cup with built-in stainless steel plate on the bottom. Button-activated induction warmer automatically shuts down after 20 minutes of use. When turned on, designated icon on the right side of the edge will be turned on as well as led ring around warming area.

Keep your Drink Warm

Storage Drawers

The only Desk in our model range, which is equipped with drawers. Store all your documents, papers and USBs out of sight in the two drawers.

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