Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame- MJ004

Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame- MJ004



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  •   Smooth and quiet operating system
  •   Ergonomic recommended height adjustable desk
  •   Enhanced engineering design without crossbar
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Product details

MJ004 MojoDesk is a model of ergonomic electric height adjustable sit to stand up office desks, which height adjuster by two motors. Our height adjustable desk uses lifting system and motors in the legs of the table thereby raising and lowering the unit. Such desks use power to make desk up and down more easy and fast. It’s powered by linear actuators that lift the desk to the required height. The actuators are available in a range of weight loading and can in some cases lift upwards of 120 KG.
Note: The price mentioned is just for the frame. Table top is not included.

Height Adjustable Desk Features

  • Screw hidden for the desk bracket,make the desk looks more beauty
  • Smooth and quiet operating system
  • Cable management solutions available
  • Ergonomic recommended height adjustable desk
  • Seated or sit-to-stand adjustment ranges or fixed height
  • Enhanced engineering designed without need of a crossbar (which also allows for easy wheelchair access).
  • Generally, assembly with instructions will take you 15 minutes to finish.

Adjustable Height

Our design gives a wider height. Our height adjustable desks are suitable for person ranging from 4-6 ft. height. The height can be set with just a push of a button. Height settings can be stored in our 3-memory based handset.



Things collide and do damage. Our height adjustable desk comes with built in Hall Sensors which help with the anti collision feature. It prevents the desk from colliding with other objects in nearby space hence preventing the damage to the desk frame and electronics.


3 Memory Positions

Different people have different height requirements. Our height adjustable desk comes with a handset with 3 memory positions. You can set the desired height values for you sitting and standing positions. Just push a button and the desk will position itself to the stored height value.


Electrically Powered

Traditional height adjustable desk come with a hand crank or gas spring which has to be operated manually. Our height adjustable desk is powered electrically so that you can set the desired desk height with just a push of a button.


Electronics (Mojo)

The electronics used in our height adjustable desk are manufactured by Mojo. Mojo is a leading manufacturer of electronics based in Mumbai India. Our controllers and motors are made by Mojo.


Rectangular Legs

The rectangular legs provides improved sturdiness and stability for the desk. The traditional height adjustable desks used circular leg structure which cause instability and the desk wobbled side to side. The rectangular legs provide strength to the dual motors 120 KG lifting capacity.


3-Stage Design

Traditional height adjustable desk use a 2-stage design which limits them to lower level height ranges. Our enhanced manufacturing process gives us the possibility to manufacture desks with 3-stage leg design.


Easy to Assemble

Our height adjustable desk comes with the necessary tools, documentation and video instructions to assist with the assembly process. The desks are engineered precisely so that every screw fits in place without any hassle. Anyone can assemble the desk in 15 minutes without prior experience.



We provide the best in industry warranty for our height adjustable desk. You get a 1 year exclusive warranty from the date of purchase. Just send in the defective part to our mailing address and we will send the repaired / replaced spare to you.



You can reach our customer care executives via phone / email.
+91 9321191838 /sales@smartmojodesk.com


Additional information

Model MJ004
Brand MOJO
Frame Size W(1075 – 1800) x D575mm
Speed 35 mm/s
Input Voltage 110 – 240V
Power 120 um
Top Size Suggestion W(1200 – 2000) x D800mm
Top Height Suggestion 25 mm
Column Height Range 600 – 1250 mm
Frame Height Range 640-1290mm
Max. Lifting Capacity 120 KG
Leg Orientation Rectangular
Lowest Hight 80 cm
Max Hight 130 cm
Operating Temperature 0 – 40° C
Material Steel
Motor Life 20000 times
Warranty 1 Year
Delivery 30 Days From The Date Of Order Product will get dispatch
Frame Colour

Black, Grey, White


Adjustable Width, Fixed Width


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